Account issues

Choosing a MyLeague/soc Name

  • If yourMyLeague name is offensive or abusive to other users or contains profanity, your account will be removed.
  • If your MyLeague name is found to be too similar to an existing user’s nickname, you will have to choose another.
  • You are only allowed to change your MyLeague name once per week. To do so, go to MyAccount and under Options, click on Edit Username. In special circumstances, an admin can circumvent the weekly rule and change your name.
  • Your MyLeague name must match the name you use in chat and play your matches under at exactly. This includes spaces, underscores and other keyboard characters.
  • Players should never report a loss to a name that is different from the one their opponent used during the match.

Email Address

  • Your email address must be kept current on MyLeague, as it is the primary way we have of contacting you. Sign into MyAccount to change it.
  • If your email address is not valid or regularly checked, you may incur penalties for ignored unreported match complaints filed against you and miss out on important notices from admins.
  • If your email address is found to be invalid, your account may be suspended or removed.

Valid Account

  • While Myleague players report losses, get ranked and rated and register for tourneys at, they play Settlers of Catan games on Host 3 at
  • All members of MyLeague must have a registered, password-protected account at Play Settlers Online. The sites are not connected and separate accounts with the same username must be registered at both.
  • To create an account at Play Settlers Online, click on Community Forum and then register an account with the exact username you registered at MyLeague. If you registered successfully, you will receive an email to validate your new account. Once you’ve done that, an admin will validate you and you will be able to play Settlers of Catan with the rest of the MyLeague community.
  • If you are having difficulty creating an account at Play Settlers Online or MyLeague, please contact the Administration Team at

Password Security

  • Your passwords for MyLeague, Play Settlers Online, and the email account connected to these sites should all be different and strong.
  • A strong password is at least 8 characters long, contains a mix of symbols, numbers, lower- and upper-case letters and no correctly spelled dictionary word or proper name.
  • Weak passwords like “password”, 123456, your mother’s maiden name, etc. are easily hacked. Learn more about strong passwords here.
  • An admin would never ask for your password. Do not ever divulge your password to anyone, even someone you think is an admin.


  • If you haven’t played a match in 255 days, your account will be removed automatically from MyLeague. An admin cannot recover your account statistics.
  • Your account will not be subject to the expiry rule if you purchase a Premium Membership.
  • Removal for inactivity is completely automated. No exceptions are made to this rule, as purged accounts cannot be restored.

Multiple Users/Accounts

  • It is illegal for one person to have multiple accounts on MyLeague. Only one account is allowed per person. If you are found to have multiple accounts, all of your accounts  may be removed.
  • It is illegal for more than one person to use or share the same account. Multiple members of the same household are welcome to participate in the Ladder, but you will have to create separate accounts for each individual playing.
  • You may not play another player from the same household or Internet Protocol (IP) address. Penalty for this may include suspension or removal of both accounts from MyLeague.
  • It is illegal to share your password with any other user for the purpose of reporting or any reason. If you are discovered using another user’s password both of your accounts will be removed.

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