General Rules

Setting a Table

  • The tablesetter or host is responsible for choosing the variant for a table and should indicate in the title of the game what that variant is. If a placement variant is fouled, the game is subject to immediate restart.
  • The host is responsible for verifying that all players are MyLeague members and are not in the penalty box (indicated by negative days idle in the player record). If the host is unfamiliar with anyone at the table, names should be copied and pasted into the Search for a Player lookup utility to avoid issues.
  • The host will press the “Start Game” button to commence play when a table is full and players have been verified. This is MyLeague etiquette — it is not a game-ending violation if someone else presses start.
  • During initial placement, in the event a player disconnects and a bot makes a choice of settlement or road, the player that disconnected has the sole responsibility to decide whether the game should be restarted or if they will play with the bot placements .   If the dropped player does not return within 2-3 minutes, the remaining players decide whether to get a sub or if game should be considered void.
  • The default playing rules are full robbing, unlimited placement, and unlimited trading, better known as “regular.” A link to variant games may be found on this website.

Sitting at a Table

  • It is illegal to play in more than one MyLeague Ladder match at a time. This includes sitting at two (or more) unstarted tables or sitting in an active game and game that hasn’t started.
  • If another player’s name is in the title and you do not see that player sitting at the table, please ask the tablesetter if you may sit.
  • There is a limit of 4 reports between two players in a single day. This rule is to encourage players to seek out a wide variety of opponents to test their skill against and to prevent cheating/collusion. If you have 4 reports in a day with a player seated at a table, you will be unable to report to that person and that person will be unable to report to you. Reports may not be saved until the next day, so any games you choose to play after the 4th report are “for fun.” If there are other players online, you should play against them before playing against someone with whom you already have 4 reports.
  • You should play against as many different players as you can. Playing against the same set of players repeatedly isn’t in the spirit of the league.
  • You are not allowed to play MyLeague matches against people who live in the same household as you (whether you are in the same physical location or not for that specific game), or have the same Internet Proxy (IP) address or are in the same location as you.
  • You are not allowed to report losses to anyone who plays from the same computer as you do … ever. Our security software will detect this activity if it is attempted and participating accounts may be penalized or removed.


  • Any abusive language, behavior, or harassment of players in a game, email, or channel is grounds for penalty. If you feel you are being mistreated, please copy and paste the chat transcript and email it the Admins.
  • Two wrongs do not make a right. Responding to bad behavior with bad behavior may incur penalty.

Special In-game Commands

  • Typing *WHO* will list all of the players currently in a game room, whether they are sitting or standing. This is an effective way for tablesetters to gather names to check against Myleague.
  • Typing *CHECKTIME* will indicate how long until a game expires. All games have 90 minutes to be played by default, although most will take between 10 and 30 minutes.
  • Typing *ADDTIME* will increase the amount of time available before a game expires.
  • Typing \ignore NICKNAME will prevent you from seeing what is typed by other players. If entered correctly, this command will be invisible to others in the game.
  • Typing \unignore NICKNAME will remove a nickname from your ignore list. If entered correctly, this command will be invisible to others  in the game.

Playing a MyLeague Match

  • All MyLeague Settlers of Catan games are to be played on the MyLeague Host 3 server at the Play Settlers Online website. Matches should not be reported from any site or software other than Play Settlers Online except in special circumstances.
  • MyLeague tables should have the variant for the match clearly marked. For example – NTRR7, or Full Rob, No Trade, etc.
  • Games should continue even if players lose their connections. Subs may be found if players do not return within a minute or two. Players may not simply leave and are subject to penalty for leaving a game without table consensus to end the match. If the table votes to end the game and restart, that is the table decision. If a sub for a player is found, the sub is not required to report — the person who initially owned the seat must report once they are back online. However, if the sub wins the match, the other players must report the loss to the sub.
  • Abuses of variant rules are to be settled by the table. Balance should be restored by trading back resources as necessary. A good guideline to follow is that the erring player may not build or buy cards until all lost resources are restored. If the game has been severely fouled by the actions of the errant player, the table may vote to restart. However, it is preferred that peaceful and rapid resolution of the problem be made.
  • Table talk between players at a table is allowed and encouraged, but respect your tablemates. Don’t criticize strategy or insult your opponents.
  • Audience members should remain quiet if requested and must leave if seated members request as such. Play Settlers Online has an ignore player option if necessary, but audience members who do not respect the players are subject to being boxed for interfering with a game. Admins cannot be orderd to leave.
  • In a trade game — all trades are legal that promote or continue the game.
  • The members of the Settlers of Catan League play several variants of the original game. A large listing of these variants may be found at the variants page.

Failure to Finish Match

  • Once you start a match you are responsible for completing it. If you leave before the game is finished for any reason (including applet crash), you are responsible for reporting to the eventual winner of the game, or the clearly defined leader if the game is unable to continue due to your departure and the remaining players vote to end it. Winners of these games should send a MyLeague Private Message to the departed player to inform them of the outcome. If there was no clear winner at that point in the match and the game cannot continue, no reports will be filed.
  • If something comes up and you are unable to finish a match, the polite thing to do is advertise for a substitute player and play until a sub is found, circumstances permitting. Encourage your opponents to email you via the MyLeague private messaging system to notify you of the game winner so that you can report.
  • If a substitute player is found, the substitute is not obligated to report to the winner (since the original player is responsible for a loss report). If the substitute player wins, the other players must report to the substitute, not the original player. The original player will not owe a report to the substitute.
  • If a game gets hung up by a crashed client that doesn’t disappear, seek the help of the admin team, who can “bust” the ghost out of your table. If your client is the one that crashes, remember you can return to the game immediately by changing the capitalization of your nickname. Table members have the option of asking for a restart after a minute has elapsed. If the three remaining players agree, the table should restart. If there is not consensus, the tablesetter will decide (provided this is not the crashed player). If there is a clearly defined leader of the game, all players, including the crashed player, should report a loss. If five or more minutes elapse and the crashed player has not reappeared and a sub cannot be found, the match should be declared over.

We can’t cover every aspect of gaming in our rules. We have tried to be as thorough as possible and cover all the basics. However, just because something is not listed doesn’t mean that it is allowed. Use common sense. If it is something that will adversely affect other players and you might think twice about doing, it’s probably against the rules or at least not a good idea. If an Admin tells you to stop doing something, please stop.

Admin decisions are final. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact us via email.


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