By signing up for MyLeague, you have agreed to abide by all posted rules, Admin rulings, and any future rule amendments, additions, or deletions.

You may be penalized for:

  • unsportsmanlike behavior;
  • offensive or profane language, in games, chat channels, emails, etc.;
  • repeated failure to report your losses;
  • failure to have a valid email address;
  • interfering with regular game play;
  • and more, at the discretion of the Admins.

At the discretion of the Admins, penalty for not abiding by MyLeague rules or Admin rulings may result in:

  • Admin warning
  • rank dropping
  • suspension/penalty box
  • permanent ban

Suspended in the Penalty Box

While suspended in the penalty box at MyLeague, you may not play in MyLeague games at If you play while suspended, you may incur a longer suspension or permanent ban from MyLeague. Players in the penalty box will show negative days idle in their player record.

If you are in the penalty box for an invalid email account or lack of a Play Settlers Online account, please contact the Admin Team at for assistance in resolving the situation.

Admin decisions are final. If you feel you have been unfairly penalized, you may present a cogent, calm argument to the Head Admin.

Play Settlers Online and MyLeague are family sites where a diverse community of young and old get together to play Settlers of Catan. You are expected to treat community members and Admins with respect. If you cannot do this, you don’t belong in the community.

A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say or do something to another person  sitting at your kitchen table playing the game in your home, don’t say it or do it to someone online.


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