• The Settlers of Catan Ladder requires that each loser report one loss to the winner or, in the case of team games, that each loser report one loss to each winner.
  • Losses are to be reported immediately after a game is completed and before sitting at another table or leaving the site. Not reporting promptly will result in misunderstandings, penalties, or removal of accounts. Repeated failure to report will result in penalties or removal of the account.
  • Reports are to be made through the Ladder site reporting tool, or by by clicking on Standings -> Report Loss.
  • Reports made in error cannot be removed from your record — however, if you and your opponent are top 25 players and the report impacts the Top 25 rankings, the rank statistics can be altered accordingly. Otherwise, you were a generous soul.
  • Matches should be reported in order of rank order from lowest to highest (i.e., #600 reports first, #200 reports second, #24 reports third).
  • Top 25 players should always report in order. Top 25 players may sit in a new game while they wait to report in proper order. If the other game players do not report within a couple minutes of the game’s conclusion, Top 25 players may break this rule to make a timely report.
  • Top 25 players making a habit of reporting out of order may be rank-dropped.
  • If you have a problem and cannot report your own loss, please contact the Admins and discontinue play until the issue is resolved.
  • If MyLeague goes down and no one is able to report, keep playing, but keep track of your losses to report when MyLeague is functional again.

Failure to Report Match

  • If a player fails to report a loss within a couple minutes of the game’s conclusion, look for them online in a new game to give them a friendly reminder to report. Drop the topic if the player is adversarial or resists reporting and follow the steps below, as you would if you could not find the player still online.
  • If a player fails to report a loss within five minutes of the game’s conclusion and the player cannot be found online, send them a friendly reminder via the MyLeague Private Messaging system.
  • Posting ads requesting a missing report is strictly prohibited. Players found doing this are subject to penalty. You may post an ad inviting the non-reporting player to chat.
  • If the player has still not reported 24 hours after you sent a MyL message , submit an Unreported Match Claim, by clicking on User Support -> Unreported Match. Submitting an Unreported Match Claim sends an email to the admins and the accused.
  • If 24 hours pass and the player has still not reported or contested the claim, an Admin will report the match at a penalty to the non-reporter.
  • Every unreported match that has to be reported by an Admin is logged on the player’s record. Players with 3+ unreported matches on their record are subject to penalty, including a warning, rank-dropping, or suspension.
  • Players who habitually do not report may be removed from the League.

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