Special rules

Highly Ranked Players (Top 25)

  • No top 5 player may decrease the amount of games they play once they reach top ranks. A decrease of more than 50% over two days is subject to rank drop to rank 26.
  • Top 10 players may not be idle for 2 days. These players will automatically be dropped 5 rungs.
  • Top 10 players must play the rank immediately below them at least every two days . For example, #3 losing to #5 (moving #5 to #4) does not qualify as playing the rank below. Players should make an effort to be available as not all ladder players are on Eastern Standard Time.
  • If the admin team becomes aware of a high-ranked player intentionally avoiding other players for the purposes of rank manipulation, they may, at their discretion, drop that player in rank. Examples of this include:
    Refusing to play because of a personal disagreement or no-play agreement. Top-ranked players may not refuse to play anyone for personal reasons.
    Sitting last in games so as to avoid playing the players ranked directly below them.
    Leaving games before they start or just started when a player ranked directly below them sits
  • Top 25 players should always report in order of rank order from lowest to highest (i.e., #20 reports first, #12 reports second, #2 reports third). Top 25 players may sit in a new game while they wait to report in proper order. If the other game players do not report within a couple minutes of the game’s conclusion, Top 25 players may break this rule to make a timely report.
  • Top 25 players may not have an “upgame” percentage higher than 55% Penalty is rank drop to rank 26. Your upgame is the percentage of players ranked higher than you that you play and can be found under your MyLeague account.
  • Top 25 players are strongly encouraged to present the best example to all players and to play members of all ranks and experience frequently.
  • Top-ranked players are encouraged to step down to allow others a shot at the top of the heap.

Formal Challenges

  • Formal challenges should be played in the order received and should be played before playing other games whenever possible.
  • Players involved in a formal challenge have the option of selecting who may fill one of the two open seats, but never both. It is preferred that both remaining seats be “first come, first served.”
  • Player being challenged will choose the variant to be played.


  • The rules are determined for each individual tournament by the Tournament Director hosting the event. If you click on the link for a specific tournament you will see a summary of that tourney, including a Rules link where you can find any specific rules for the event.
  • All players who sign up for a tournament must join the appropriate Tourney Chat channel and should not start new ladder games close to the tourney start time or as tourney registration is close to being filled.
  • Players interfering with the normal conduct of a tournament are subject to penalty, including banning from the ladder server.
  • The Tournament Director is responsible for reporting for players using the special Tournament software. Players are not responsible for making reports for losses incurred during tournaments.
  • Tournament Directors have sole say over who is allowed in a tournament and may remove any registered player from their tournaments.
  • Rulings of the Tournament Director for their tournaments are final and will not be overturned by an admin.
  • If you feel you have been treated unjustly by a Tournament Director, please contact the Head Tournament Director or the Head Administrator (also a Head TD).

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