Online Settlers of Catan can be played in many different variants, and there are variant-specific rules.  If a variant element is not listed in the game title or agreed to by the table, the rules are default for that element. All games on the MyLeague Ladder server are Ladder games, regardless of the variant combination, and must follow reporting rules.

Notice that most games are played with a combination of rule sets, ie: NT RR 7 which is a combination of the NT (no trade) and RR 7 (reverse rob on 7) rules.

Regular (DEFAULT)

Regular. Full trade, full rob, place anywhere, and take as long as you want to place. This is the full default in each category.

The Most Common Variants Played:


The most common variants played by MyLeauge Ladder players are all NT – No Trade. Players may use ports or perform 4:1 trades for resources, but may not trade between each other.


In NTRR, the rules are no trading (NT) and reverse robbing (RR). Players may not rob each other if they roll a 7 nor if they play a soldier card. If a player rolls a 7 or plays a soldier card, the robber must be moved to a free hex that no one has settled (desert included) or a hex they’ve settled that they do not share with anyone else. In other words, the robber must be moved to a hex that won’t rob another player.

If there is no free hex and no unshared hex on which to place the robber, the player is forced to place the robber on a hex they share with someone else. Before placing the robber on a shared hex, the player should ask the table “force?” or “F?” to confirm there is no hex available on which to place the robber that will not rob from another player.


In NTRR7, the rules are no trading (NT), reverse robbing on 7s (RR7). This variant is the same as NTRR, in that players may not rob each other if they roll a 7; however, players may rob each other using a soldier card. Like in NTRR, it may be that a player is forced to move a robber to a shared hex upon rolling  a 7. Confirm first with the table if you are indeed “forced.”


In NTFR, the rules are no trading (NT) and full robbing (FR). Robbing is allowed when a 7 is rolled or soldier card played.

Note: Less common variants are listed on right side submeny: Rules about building, rules about placements etc..


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